A fresh and inviting space inside the thermal establishment designed for those who love staying fit, taking care of themselves and recovering their relax and psychophysical balance. Time pleasantly elapses massage after massage, specific treatments and baths with thermal salts and essential oils performed by a highly qualified personnel within a tastefully furnished environment filled with scents, colours and music. Guests may choose from several options: Massages / Hydrotherapy / Hammam / Anti-cellulite and thermal-mud treatments / Body and facial customized treatments / Salt scrub / Fitness corner / Relax Area / Herbal Teas / Wellness Packages.
The wellness center puts at disposal the best equipment singled out from the most innovative ones:
• HYDROTHERAPY EVOLUTION, for a complete thermal process
• VICHY SHOWER, used to stimulate and tone skin tissues, relax and make the skin brighter, performs a deep cleaning and natural hydration
• EMOTIONAL SHOWER, Dream Shower for a waterfall shower, tropical shower, jets spa shower (stimulating muscles and tissues), atomizer with aromatherapy and chromotherapy.




Purifying thermal-mud treatment

Recommended for combination skins. The massage and product mix jointly aim at purifying the skin.

Anti-ageing Pink Treatment

Recommended for aged skins. It reduces wrinkles, relaxation, dry skin and make the skin brighter.

Filler-effect Treatment

It spreads out and minimizes wrinkles and expression lines. The final massage boosts its effect for a younger and more compact face.

Eye-mask treatment with massage

Recommended to reduce periocular fine lines, it shrinks eye circles and fatigue signs.

Treatment for sensitive skins

Recommended for delicate and hyper-reactive skins.

Salt hydromassage

(in individual tub) Recommended to reactivate blood and lymph circulation as well as for muscular relaxation.

Salt hydromassage with underwater massage

(in individual tub) Recommended to counter cellulite and fat deposits, it tones and reshapes the body.

Hammam with emotional shower

(swimwear required) For an in-depth skin cleansing and to facilitate blood circulation.


To relax muscles and mind.

Lymph draining

It restores the lymphatic fluid cycle and reduces water retention and bloating.


Massage performed on a given body part: back, legs, plantar or neck.


Massage performed with hot stones of volcanic origin, for an anti-stress action on body and mind.


Anti-cellulite treatment indicated for countering fat deposits.

Classic Therapeutic

For a general wellness sensation. It gives relief to sore body parts.

Couples relaxing massage

Scented oils and synergies which awaken pleasant feelings and facilitate relaxation.

Thermal-salt scrub with Vichy shower

It gently removes dead cells making the skin brighter.

Thermal-salt scrub with nourishing cream

A revitalizing exfoliation which removes skin imperfections. It leaves the body as soft as silk.

Thermal-mud anti-cellulite wrapping with massage

Thanks to the warmth of a thermal towel and an additional dose of thermal mud, it melts fatty tissues and helps attain the desired physical shape.

“Velvety hands and feet” treatment

It reinvigorates the skin thanks to a delicate thermal-salt scrub and massage with a precious hydrating oil.

Thermal-water cold dressing with massage

It reduces bloating and enhances the lymph and circulatory system. Recommended also for treatments.



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